Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who needs a car?

Today I see that everyone has a car at home and some even having more than a car. Well, its great having a car but I don't like seeing too many on the road as that will caused the jam. I have a manual car which making my leg sprained because I need to keep step on the brake and you know.. the rest...

Going back from work and going to work is the same! The jam is still there, unless your work timing is different from everyone else.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Forgot about news

Yikes... its afternoon and I haven't read the paper yet. I am just tired and feeling sleepy. Just imagine you every night you only able to sleep around 2 am and chores to do.

I need someone to massage my neck and shoulder. A good massage will definitely make me less stress and relax. Even better if I get holiday to any where.

Shopping season has come but sad to say I only do window shopping for now. Buying a lot will just waste money unless its worthy.

Whoopp.... better go read newspaper now.

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