Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zoo Negara

The picture taken long time ago, but now only I get to share with you. It is taken at Zoo Negara, now there is lack of animal at the zoo. When I was a kid I remember there is horse but now I don't see any horse there.

I remember having a picture of me with the horse. My dad snaps the picture too fast and left out my head in the picture. It is funny that time the camera is not like now we can delete the picture. We were using the film camera back then, now we have the digital camera.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Beautiful yachts online

With Internet access today you can find many beautiful yachts online, you can just check out the luxury yacht charters. You can check out the luxury yacht for sale, yacht management and more from this website. I find the website is user friendly and easy to browse.

If you know anyone interested to find yacht, they can get start with this website. They offer custom yachts you can find out more detail if you visit the website. It does not matter if you are looking for to book the luxury yacht you can find this site with good information and guide for you. Going for a vacation on yacht is a dream come true, I have not been on a yacht before.

They have yacht charter brokers and charter management brokers, now you know where to find the private yacht charter. They have experienced team in YPI Charter; they are based in Antibes, at the heart of the Mediterranean cruising grounds. If you are planning on a vacation why not think of the suitable yacht to go with your friends and loved one. With Internet access today you can find the information and resource that you need. Who can resist the yachting lifestyle and life on board?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Reliance Travel Agency

I went to Reliance Travel Agency today at Subang Parade the agency only has two staff working there. Anyway I see there is not state of how much the package available for places to go. I ask for overseas packages and they don't have Singapore package. The Hong Kong and Macau available but a person cost MYR$3K above.

It is out of budget so don't think we are going there, I grab many brochures but sadly no price of the package. Stephanie the trainee there told me if I am interested need to get back to her.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Travel with family budget way

I plan for family vacation the budget way and I know it will be a long plan. Places that I have interest to with family inclusive of Pulau Langkawi, Penang, Pulau Tioman, Sarawak, and other places in Malaysia.

I find if there is cheap flight from company I can check out, there was time that I not book and miss out the good chance to go travel. I don't feel sad as there is always hope to do it. I find vacation the best time to have spent with loved one.

How about you? Any plan on vacation?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The view from Cameron Highlands


We have fun at Cameron Highlands we stay at the fourth floor of apartment. I make changes on the face so you don't see us clearly. I am sure you will be guessing which is me. Anyway This is the apartment we living in and at night many insects crawling at the dining and living room so I cannot sleep there at all.

The room I slept in with many mattress and I chat with my friend Carol all night long. I supposed sleep on the double decker bed in another room which is top level but the bed is very noisy. The people sleeping under me will be afraid that I fall and fell on any of them. LOL

Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping for luggage and locks

I love shopping and my friend is looking for luggage I told her to visit this site for luggage scales. Everything you need about luggage you can find at this site, I like to find their travel security products. My friend often going to other country and she is shopaholic I am sure she wants to find how much her luggage weight. I am sure she wants to know if the luggage is overweight.

With Internet access today you can shop online, and there is free shipping in the USA available. I am going to tell my other friends to check out the tsa locks. My friend is going to travel again and this time she is going to China I am sure she like this site with info that she needs on travel tips.

My sister likes to travel from one place to another I am sure she needs the luggage scale. My friends are going for vacation end of the year they told me they have so much shopping to do, they might want to visit this site for the travel security. The last time they travel they mention that their luggage has been open because of the insecure lock.

Blue pouch

This is my pretty pouch is blue colour, this is from Dove shampoo that comes with freebie. I don't see this freebie anymore if I know earlier I should have grabbed more than one shampoo.

Vinnibag travel liquid bag

I love going for vacation and recently my friends told me that they are going to shop for wine. I know they will need to find travel liquid bag for the wine. I told my friends to check out this site for Vinnibag. I know when you are on vacation you tend to have many things to carry, you will need Vinni Bag Wine Travel Bag. With Internet access today you can shop online and it cost $26.95.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steam boat at Cameron Highlands

There is so much vegetables to eat at Cameron Highlands, so sad not able to buy any because we left Pasar Tani thought there is better place cheaper to buy. There is but there is no parking space for us. Bear in mind that the vegetables in the picture I don't know the names.

We had steamboat at the restaurant old frenz, there is variety of vegetables for the steam boat. Everyone is saying that they are full because they are so much vegetables. There is not only vegetables, there is meat and sea food too but most of them you can see vegetables. LOL

The pictures are taken by me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Plan on mini holiday

My friend told me good news that they maybe plan to go mini holiday. As usual the plan is within Malaysia as it is cheaper, we not going to Genting Highlands as the room rate in the weekend very expensive.

Anyway I am sure you don't want to miss out the giveaway. Since the mini holiday just for a night stay at the place I think just pack for the night and next morning enough.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Travel with your beautiful heels


I am sure most of my ladies friend looking for suitable heels and now there is a chance to win this pair of Julia shoes. Just click above image to take part!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last domestic travel holiday with my parents

The last time I have domestic travel holiday with my parents in Malaysia. It is so long ago when I was a teen we head to Cameron highlands and also Genting highlands. I know there is so many changes now and my parent never go for holiday together anymore.

My mom is sicked and she is not suitable to go for travel. I miss going holiday with my parents and I know life is short you need to cherish and love people around you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Excited to know who is my winner

I am sure you know that the giveaway ends at 9pm, I am sure participants excited to find out who is the winner.

It is fun to have giveaway at blog from time to time. I am taking the cocoa collagen every morning. I seldom skip it unless I forget or already had my breakfast. I was told that I can still take it in the afternoon but beware that you might not fall asleep in the night. LOL

Say do you know who will win my giveaway?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holiday trip cancel

Just find out the holiday trip cancel, anyway I am not lose hope as I think we can plan on the trip on our own. But I need to see first because I need everyone co-operation. The trip cancels because someone not wants to go and the entire group that interest to go will not go along.

Look at the bright side we save up money and we don't have to be in hurry to go places.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Need to apply leave or not?


My plan going to holiday next month is not fixed as we are going as group. The leader that in charge of the trip not confirmed with us yet, maybe the leader will wait last minute to inform us but I know some people will need two weeks.

Yeah some friends need to apply leave to go holiday, they need two weeks advance to apply leave.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are we going for a holiday?

My relatives have the plan to go on holiday and it is a group of people. I am happy to see that I am going along but I hope there are no changes at all. I also ask dad to go along as he heard the conversation of going for holiday. But it seems he needs be back home the next day, that is kind of difficult because nobody is going the same way, those people that going same way the car is full.

We are still in the mist of planning, wish us luck. Everyone needs a good rest, good to know some relatives are pregnant too. Go as family is fun, it is first time going with big family. So now you know how important it is to have the car to travel from one place to another.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Checking on hotels at Cameron Highlands

Just checking for the hotels at Cameron Highlands found two that is pretty affordable as there is a forum for your discussion too. You can find the attractions of Cameron Highlands.

The Parkland Apartment only 15 minutes walk away from the pasar malam.

Hotel Titiwangsa have inclusive breakfast and steam boat dinner. It is better to contact them by phone of email for more detail. The rooms are big, check it out! This is located at Brinchang.

Century Pines Resort
s do not have the website of their own, but this site have the picture too. The location of this located at Tanah Rata.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I miss out the free tickets on Air Asia

I know about the free tickets of Air Asia but I have not take part in any as I don't have enough money to travel. Now the expenses of living is getting more as going to one place and another you will need to go through toll.

I think my car is taking up the fuel cost of MYR$80 a month, I don't know the exact calculation yet this is just my estimation. I think of change car but then I will have to pay the car instalment for at least six years. Talking of money I don't think it is right time to change car. I am thankful as I have a car to drive around.

Transportation is important to go places.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Essence Beauty the body shapers

I thought I could fit in to this and I do but it is very hard to put on, I need help from friend because my hands cannot go to the back. My friend like to use body shapers and she told she is wearing it everyday, in fact her mom also purchase one of the slimming pants to wear. Yeah it is not the same brand but she told me that her mom shows signs of beauty on her legs. Her dad used to complain her mom having fat legs and now she has slim legs. :D

The brand I forgot it but she told me the price range MYR $180-$200.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cocoa Collagen

I think best way to try the product is having a giveaway, so there is a sachet to win!

This giveaway Prizes only for one winner. Check out at There is Happiness!
  1. Measurement Chart from Twins Happiness
  2. Hello Kitty Frame from There is Happines
  3. Sponge bob toy from Also Mommy
  4. Avon Wish for Peace from TH Corner
  5. Milk Brightening Eye Mask from Heart Random
  6. Milk Brightening Eye Mask from isherrygo
  7. Creative toys from Lurvertyhing
  8. Big Eyes Dolly cell phone charm from Sherry Contest
  9. A sachet of Cocoa Collage from Travel Blog
  10. Blue Hair Wire from Nikofav
  11. Orange Hair Wire from Yumiko
Giveaway ends on 21 June, 2010. Hey this is open for everyone to take part!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Penang, Bangalore, Phuket and more from RM23

Penang, Bangalore, Phuket and more from RM23 for more info check out Air Asia website. It is only from 10 May to 23 May, 2010. Hurry up don't miss out, by the way it is travel from 24 May to 25 August.

Happy Mother's Day Contest


I have been planning for giveaway for sometimes and lucky that I am in time to do so. It is Happy Mother's Day Contest.

The Prizes below is for ONE LUCKY WINNER!
  1. NYX lip gloss from That Blog 4 Me
  2. Very Chery lip balm from Also Mommy
  3. Mango Tango lip balm from TH Corner
  4. Eyeko tinted cream from Name Sherry(small size like 20 cent coin, you can click link to see it)
  5. Hello Kitty cell phone charm from My Mom's Best
  6. Wrapped pendant from Heart Random
  7. One sachet of Cocoa Collagen from My Travel Blog
  8. Eye mask from isherrygo
  9. Eye mask from lurvertyhing.com

Requirement to take part in Mother's Day Contest.

  1. Must be That Blog 4 Me follower using the Google Friend Connect
  2. Also follow My Travel Blog using the Google Friend Connect
  3. Add That Blog 4 Me and My Travel Blog to your blog roll.
  4. Blog the contest with the Picture and Prizes.
  5. Leave comment in this post on with your blog URL of the contest you posted at blog.
  6. Complete the slogan, I love you mommy because.... "in less than 15 words".
  7. Place the banner of this Happy Mother's Day Contest at the side bar.
  8. All comments under moderation, if you are qualified your name will be listed in this post.
  9. Contest open to blogger with valid address in Malaysia and contest ends on 31 May, 2010.
  10. Winner will be chosen using random.org.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just one sachet a day

The cocoa collagen all you need a sachet a day, it is taken early in the morning before breakfast. I like to travel and usually I keep in my handbag so I can take this easily. This is for woman only and not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mom.

One packet of cocoa collagen has ten sachet inside. Above you are looking at one sachet of cocoa collagen.

You can Google to find out more of the Cocoa Collagen.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How often do you change your password?

I am sure most of you having Internet access from home or office or even at Internet cafe. Tell me how often do you change your password. I mean for all accounts like hotmail , gmail or even yahoo email accounts.

I know my friend's hotmail account was hacked so long ago and until today she is not able to get back the account. That is why we need to be careful and often change the password for safety purpose. My friend says that she received email from friend saying that she is trouble and need money to come back Malaysia. But she knows that she is in Malaysia, so a few days later her friend email her using another account to say that her account has been hacked.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Air Asia on sale again?

If you are thinking to travel, check out Air Asia website. I received the sms that there is sales going on until 25 April, 2010. Too bad I do not have enough money to travel.

The last time I fly was going to Sarawak. It was last years 2009, there is development going on in the city.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KL Bird Park

I was at the KL Bird Park last year and I can spot a huge lizard there. I would give a run but I don't want to get its attention. I just want to walk by slowly as I worry the lizard will bite me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't take advantage of others!

It is not good to take advantage of others, my friend who knows the neighbour is working at a restaurant purposely tease the staff that she wants a free meal. It sounds like a challenge and they agree to give her a meal free then she asking for more than one person.

I don't understand her, she has money she can just order and pay for the food. People are just working there and they are employee, I am sure they tell her it is free but they are the one paying for the meal for her. She told me to go along with her to have the free meal and I reject her immediately! If she is interested she can go ahead to have the free meal.

It is not good to take advantage of others, no matter you know the person or not. I don't know that she is going to do that, no wonder the day she dress up so nice! That day I bring her to the shopping mall and it is because I am going there as well. I never thought that she would go asking people to give her free meal. I was not with her as I am at the end of the mall checking on the magazines.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Variety of food in Malaysia

Living in Malaysia you can never find yourself hungry as most stalls and restaurant are open at night. You can still continue eat after having dinner, having supper is common in Malaysia. I am always hungry so I don't want to over eat as I have put up a lot of weight.

If you let me choose to shop or dine, I will say dine as you need to eat to do many things. If you don't eat do you think you have good eye to shop?

Just few days ago I eat nasi lemak and I also had a burger last night.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What you need to travel?


I love giveaway and I am sure you like to take part too. I am one of the sponsors and I am sure you like to be part of it.

My friend wants to travel often and above you can see this giveaway just click on banner above to take part.

The nail polish are Eyeko, you cannot purchase them any more as it is not longer available! As for other nail polish you can still purchase at www.eyeko.com.

When I think of travel I do bring a long nail polish, mask, photo frame of my loved one.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Summit Hotel at USJ

I spotted this promo at USJ, it is The Summit Hotel. You can see the price on the board. It is attached to the Summit Shopping Mall. If you love shopping you can find this hotel suitable for you. The shopping mall is not as big as Mid Valley or Sunway Pyramid.

About the traffic at the area, you will find that it is going be jam during peak hours. If you have stay this hotel before you can comment whether you like it or not.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping for big size clothing

I love shopping for bigger size clothing as I am one of them.

So I am looking at them now and I thinking which is suitable for me.

I think red and black are suitable for all colour clothes.

Bolero Cardigan
SIZE : Free : UK10 to UK22 / M to 5XL
Measurements : Bust - Max 46inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 32inches
Material : Good quality knit cotton, same cutting and ultra stretchy material as front tie cardigan, will not look sheer when maximum stretched, superb material indeed
Colours :
Ebony Black - ALL SOLD OUT
Chilli Red - ALL SOLD OUT
Dark Purple - ALL SOLD OUT
Candy Pink - ALL SOLD OUT

Restocked 10.12.09!!!
Ebony black - ALL SOLD OUT
Chilli red - ALL SOLD OUT
Dark purple - Available
Candy Pink - ALL SOLD OUT
Dark Grey - Available
New!!! Snow White - ALL SOLD OUT
Restocked 21.01.2010!!!
Ebony black - Available
Coffee Brown - Available
Chilli Red - Available
Snow white - Available
Candy Pink - Available

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Put on lip balm to sleep

I often use lip balm and I am using the fat balm strawberry eyeko, you can find it at www.eyeko.com. If you are purchase above ten sterling pound just use this ambassador code E3624 during check out.

Lovely jewelry above to see more head to Jewelry by S. Almost forgot that I need to ask my sister something but my cell phone is charging now due to low battery. I might not able to contact her since is she travel to another country for a while.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crocodile farm in Malaysia

If you like to see crocodile, I would suggest to go Kuching, Sarawak. If you like to know the room rates have a look at this hotels for all. The list might not be the latest but at least you know sort of how much the room charges cost.

You do not need to hire a car with driver if you are travel with small group. You can just hire the taxi at the hotel as it is much cheaper. I remember reach Kuching airport to purchase MYR$20 ticket for the ride from airport to hotel. You need to ask them where is the taxi parking as outside the airport there are some not belong to the airport.

If you like to stay away from the city check out Kuching Park Hotel.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buget hotel in Malacca

I know my friend is going to stay at Seven Hotel, it is only MYR$79 per night. It is cheap and she is going with her boyfriend. Seven Hotel is a two star hotel and I am going to tell my other friend about this hotel.

Personally I have not been there but I will give a try if I am going to visit Malacca this year. Good news for folks that looking for internet access because this Seven Hotel provided them. I am not sure of the fees but you can check at their reception.

If there is a choice to call them or email them, I would choose to call them and ask.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holiday in Malaysia

It is fun to travel in Malaysia, I know some people prefer to stay at budget hotel. Some might not serve the tea and coffee which you like. You can always head to the local shopping mall to buy. Above is one of the drinks that I like, it is the coffee drink.

I used to purchase the Teh Tarik three in one but the price increased so much that I am not going to buy any. I started to purchase the Teh Tarik at MYR$6 something and then increase to MYR$8 something. Now the price is MYR$9 something!

You just need a cup and hot water to mix with it. Tell me if you bring a long a few sachet or a packet of it when you travel in Malaysia.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year

I got to know my classmate is going to Malacca this Chinese New Year. She has been dating steady for a few months now, both of them have met each other parents. He is the oldest among three siblings. I am glad she find someone she loves and I hope they get married soon so they can start a family.

He helped her to paint her brothers' room. I am sure he will help again when they are moving in new home. Tambun, Perak is where her brother bought a double storey house. The house cost MYR$160,000 two years ago. Now I am sure the price is even more!

I miss her so much as we have not seen each other for more than five years! We still keep in touch using sms.

I am here to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day! The day where first day of Chinese New Year. Temple Tian Hou Kong is open for marriage registration on that day! They never open on Sunday and it is so special for loving couples.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eat fruits during travel

If you are going for travel always look for fruits, they help to digest food you eat. Some places the fruits are expensive so you need to know which to pick.

I know you can purchase juice from local shopping mall, do you prefer juice or chew the fruits? It is up to you as I prefer to drink juice.

Above you are looking at mango it is raw for now because you need to let it be for days before it become sweet. I love to eat this and there is no worm in it! There is time that I bite a mango contained half of the worm in my mouth!

If you are dining at the restaurant you can even request for fruits, but depend as well if the restaurant serve any fruits. I plan to eat many fruits during Chinese New Year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Check car accessories before travel

I have been looking up and down for the suitable spoilers for my car. I spotted this car somewhere in town, I can tell you that I want one just like that. Most of my friends often travel and I am sure they want to find info on truck and car accessories.

Some friends want car body kits for their cars and they will be happy to find this site useful. This site has got the pictures of body kits and you can click on the image to see them. Now I know where they find the custom gauges. If you are driving Nissan, Toyota, Chevy, FORD, and other you can find all car under this site.

I know some people will need help online so they have online live chat that you can use. Just key in the item that you are looking for in the search box. Shopping online is so convenient and now they have got prices slashed 20% you can save and shop at your cosy space.

If you are going to travel always check your car accessories. Find out if your headlight and taillight to see if they are working fine. When you think of car and truck accessories you know where to find them.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Remember to bring perfume to travel

I know sometimes we forget to bring perfume for travel. That is why now they come up with mini perfume where you can just roll on them to use. It is easy to keep inside your handbag.

I also see that perfume is becoming common today, almost everyone having more than one perfume. Above perfume you saw it is Avon brand. Avon has got many types of perfume to choose from.

I am sure you like to know how to win this from the giveaway that going to held in Feb.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Accessories for Truck

My friend often travels in his truck to work, he works outstation and he needs to drive in the night very often. I think he should check out the tailgate light bar for his truck. There are many choices online you just need to pick one that suitable for your budget. Driving in the night is dangerous with tailgate light bar everyone can see better in the dark.

Some highways do not have lights, you need to have good tail lights for your car. Drivers from behind will see better and with Internet access today you can check this site for their free shipping service. I like to shop online as you can find discount code and save money to shop.

If you have friends driving trucks you can let them know this site has got many types of accessories for truck to choose from. I always think safety when I am driving. You can shop by price at this site, there is a list of price on the left bar. The site is user friendly and easy to browse. With pictures of led tail lights you will know which is suitable for your truck. Now you can find the truck styling and safety online.

Holiday in Kuching

Oh yeah this is one of the building I spotted in Kuching, Sarawak. I was told that there will be more hotels build in the city. If you are going to Kuching, you should visit the Kuching Crocodile Farm it is a huge farm and you can see many types of crocodile. You can even purchase real leather wallet and belt there.

Bear in mind that real leather wallet and belt are costly! You browse on Internet to find the budget hotels. If you are leaving away from the city, you will need to take cab or taxi to the city. Each time the travel fare to city will cost $10. I think the price is fair compare with hiring a driver with car.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unique cell phone charm

This is pretty cell phone charm, I am sure you like to find unique jewellery and some people like to have custom made.

To see more head to Jewelry by S. I saw there is plus size custom jewellery.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year, Happy Travel

This is another year but life goes on, so everything has got things to achieve this year. What is your resolution?

I don't have many but I see that I am trying to achieve them. My cousin invite me to go for holiday but due to the bad timing I am not going.

They are going to another state by bus, some of them going with family members.

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