Saturday, February 28, 2015

Busy weekends

Yes I have busy weekends, last night I brought son to Mydin as it was CNY event. We enjoy watching the lion dance performance and firecrackers there. They also have lucky draw for the public to take part, if they purchase RM88 in a single receipt, for more detail you can check out their FB.

As for Ultraman, it's my dear's favourite show too. My sons too like Ultraman, no doubt I have been watching Ultraman from childhood too. How about you?

Do you know that Ultraman show can watch live in Genting Highland? You may click on the link for some info, can't wait to watch them live.

Talking of ultraman and others, do you love contest? if yes click on the link to take part!

School holiday is March so you can start planning for school activities, don't forget it is also exam time for schools, it's nice to reward kids with what they love too example bring them to watch Ultraman show.

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