Friday, July 30, 2010

Shopping for luggage and locks

I love shopping and my friend is looking for luggage I told her to visit this site for luggage scales. Everything you need about luggage you can find at this site, I like to find their travel security products. My friend often going to other country and she is shopaholic I am sure she wants to find how much her luggage weight. I am sure she wants to know if the luggage is overweight.

With Internet access today you can shop online, and there is free shipping in the USA available. I am going to tell my other friends to check out the tsa locks. My friend is going to travel again and this time she is going to China I am sure she like this site with info that she needs on travel tips.

My sister likes to travel from one place to another I am sure she needs the luggage scale. My friends are going for vacation end of the year they told me they have so much shopping to do, they might want to visit this site for the travel security. The last time they travel they mention that their luggage has been open because of the insecure lock.

Blue pouch

This is my pretty pouch is blue colour, this is from Dove shampoo that comes with freebie. I don't see this freebie anymore if I know earlier I should have grabbed more than one shampoo.

Vinnibag travel liquid bag

I love going for vacation and recently my friends told me that they are going to shop for wine. I know they will need to find travel liquid bag for the wine. I told my friends to check out this site for Vinnibag. I know when you are on vacation you tend to have many things to carry, you will need Vinni Bag Wine Travel Bag. With Internet access today you can shop online and it cost $26.95.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steam boat at Cameron Highlands

There is so much vegetables to eat at Cameron Highlands, so sad not able to buy any because we left Pasar Tani thought there is better place cheaper to buy. There is but there is no parking space for us. Bear in mind that the vegetables in the picture I don't know the names.

We had steamboat at the restaurant old frenz, there is variety of vegetables for the steam boat. Everyone is saying that they are full because they are so much vegetables. There is not only vegetables, there is meat and sea food too but most of them you can see vegetables. LOL

The pictures are taken by me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Plan on mini holiday

My friend told me good news that they maybe plan to go mini holiday. As usual the plan is within Malaysia as it is cheaper, we not going to Genting Highlands as the room rate in the weekend very expensive.

Anyway I am sure you don't want to miss out the giveaway. Since the mini holiday just for a night stay at the place I think just pack for the night and next morning enough.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Travel with your beautiful heels


I am sure most of my ladies friend looking for suitable heels and now there is a chance to win this pair of Julia shoes. Just click above image to take part!

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