Friday, August 21, 2015

Our First Family Field Trip by bus

We are excited because tomorrow is out first family field trip with kids, just me and dear and the kids. My sister-in-law will be at home rest as she is not feeling well. It's going to be a two hours by bus to the TITI ECO FARM, I read their website and can't wait to find out more details on it.

I am hoping that my boys will enjoy and have fun plus learning at the same time. It's their first time out door, yeah they would be saying hot! I have ready the fan and umbrella but not yet find the hats.

So much of packing for a field trip, we be going to Surian Tower 7.3 am reg then 8am the bus start journey, then coming back time is 2pm and reach Surian Tower by 4pm. Well that's the schedule so we need to wake up early in the morning as Sean wants to eat McD.

Almost forgot I need ready lots of plasters as I am easily blister.

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