Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Kiss Charm

I love pink colour and there is Pink Kiss Charm which I really miss as I have lost in a restaurant. I lost it more than a year ago. It was at the Sunway Pyramid Hartz Chicken Buffet where I have lunch with my family and friends.

I can remember clearly that I have lost the charm as I only remember to touch my bag at home. It was already too late and I am not going there to find it. I am sure it is no longer available. I have got the charm from Hong Kong.

This is my favourite charm and I have only got one, I am sure I will be more careful next time.

Home and Garden

I love my home and I have got flower at my garden, I don't know what is above flower called. I have so many of them. The other day a woman came over to ask me for some so that she can plant at her home.

This flower can grow tall and many flowers too. Do you know that this flowers has got many other colour as well, I have seen purple, red, white, and pink colour.

If you are living at apartment you might not have huge plant at your home. You can only have small plant, I prefer a home with land so I can grow some vegetables and flowers that I like.

Let me know if you know the flower name in this picture above.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yummy food

I don't know what they are called, they are so yummy.

I can just have them for lunch, infact my friend and I have them for lunch the other day.

The bowl of sance you are looking at is sweet and spicy.

What you see on the road?

I am sure you have seen this motorist before, perhaps not the same at your neighbourhood. I used to yell them to stop so I can buy bread and snacks from there.

I also seen putumayam is that the spelling? I love to eat that and curry puff too.

When I was a kid we often buy bread from them, there is a time where I pay them the money but the person denied it. My dad was so mad at me and scolded me, I did pay and I am so sure of it. Sad to say that the guy keeps denied and my dad needs to pay again.

They used to have the triple 555 booklet to keep record on what you have purchase then end of the month you just need to pay that amount. I am so sure up to today that I have paid them the money.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Time for Halloween

I am planning to take part in Halloween contest. So I make some purchase, just a few of them. Only one in the picture belong to my friend.

So you see I have got the nails and hat! They cost RM13, for the nails and hat.

I saw the wig it is so expensive which cost RM40. Hey I have a broom in my room!

I miss out some contests related to Halloween.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Hero Time

I just check on the newspaper and saw It's Hero Time!

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Plenary Hall

from 27 to 29 Nov, 2009.

You can watch Ben Tennyson come to life before your very eyes!

Live on stage for the first time in Kuala Lumpur.

3 days only

Tickets Prices
RM215, RM185, RM150, RM130
RM90, RM70, RM50, RM35

tickets prices excluded RM3 Ticket pro booking fee and postage or courier charges.

Special Promotions

Early birds * 15% discount from now until 31 Oct, 2009.
Toys R US Star card member get 10% discount.

terms and conditions apply.

For more info, just call AsiaPromote Ventures 03-7955 9995

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Won a dining voucher but...

My dad called me to inform me that he won a dining voucher but reading the terms and conditions he does not want to use it.

He has won a RM50 dining voucher but he reads the T&C it is only applicable if he spends above RM100. Which mean you need to spend at the restaurant in order to enjoy the dining voucher?

I agree with dad that it is not worth it!

Travel with e cigarettes

I know my friends are smokers and they want to know how to cut down on spending. They often travel and I am sure they like to know more about the e cigarettes which are cheaper and does not contain tar. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health, a cigarette contain about 4000 chemicals as for e cigs contain less than 20 chemicals.

I will suggest my friends to take a look at the starter kit bundles, the e cigs do not have ashes and you will not be burn. It functions just like real cigarettes, the smell is not stinky and you will not worry that your friends will run away from you.

Since my friends do travel often they will find this e cigs suitable for them as they can bring it any where. With Internet access today, they can shop online easily. There are e cigarettes batteries available at the site with wide range of e cigs to choose from. Just check out the NJOY Cigarette battery charger it is so stylish.

I am looking at the starter kit bundles, they are so many choices. I think my friends will check this site to discuss which they like to purchase. Christmas is just few weeks away, I think this is a great gift for loved one.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ocean top for me

I love this top, I have it for many years, this is my ocean top just look at it. I am sure you like it too, I am keeping many tops and I am giving some away too.

One way to buy new top is giving away old top so you can buy new one! You can see the colour yellow, purple, and blue on the top.

Over the Top Award!

I love to grab the Over the Top Award, so you can get to know me!

"Over the Top Award"...Thank you so much amanda!!and please visit her blog here...together with the award are questions which I have to answer with one word and pass on the award to others....

Where's your cell phone: Table

Your hair: Short

Your mother: Housewife

Your father: Retired

Favorite Food: Curry Laksa

Dream last night: Happy

Favorite drink: Iced Coffee

What room are you: Bedroom

Hobby: Shopping

Fear: Snakes

Where were you last night: Home

Something that you aren't: Makeup

Muffins: Cappucino

Wish list item: Travel

Where did you grow up: Malaysia

What are you wearing: T-Shirt

Your pets: None

Friends: Fun

Something you're not wearing: Watch

Favorite store: Mall

Favorite color: Pink

Last time you laughed: Yesterday

Your best friend: Blogger

Place you go to over and over: Mall

Person who emails you regularly: Friends

Favorite place to eat: Random

I pass this tag & award to the following ladies:


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