Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Wedding dinner

There is a Christmas wedding dinner on exact day of Christmas, it is held in Melacca I don't know which restaurant but my family is planning to go day on that day. We may go in the morning then back at night after the wedding dinner.

This month I also went for wedding dinner held in a Hotel. I want to go domestic travel but having problem with the family car. There is many problem with the car, it is only being used for two year. It is brand new when we bought it.

Last month we have great vacation to go Port Dickson, it is fun to stay there for few days.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free trip to Singapore

My family member has a free trip to Singapore but sad to say he is not going. He told me that the tripis organize by company they are travel by bus. It is going to be along journey from Selangor. I think it takes about six hours to reach.

I have been to Singore once and it is fun. My family member told me that it is not fun going there again if going to the same place. What are you going to do and where are you going to eat?

Friday, March 18, 2011

No travel for me

At this moment no travel for me because I am not in good shape of travel. My friend has travel and bad luck strike, it is sad and life goes on. It is raining here and I prefer to stay indoor, my classmate told me that she is going to domestic travel good for her. I hope she has a wonderful time, she is a mom of two living in Ipoh.

This month I have not purchase any magazine to read usually I purchase magazine every month. My sister called me up to chat few days ago, she told me about Japan. It is important to see the news and read the update from Internet.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Looking for ski chalets

What do you plan to do during the vacation? How about check out the exclusive ski chalets. Planning for a ski vacation is fun because you get to spend the good time with your loved one. Make it a memorable one but first you need to find the suitable chalet.

It will be great som day I go to one of these luxury chalets, but at the moment I need to save money for vacation. The chalets are situated on the finest slopes in the French Alps Hip Chalets. Who does not want to experience the ultimate skiing experience and accommodation?

If you have interest in skiing check out the catered chalet chamonix. You don't want to miss out the lively streets of Chamonix; there are sport shops, guides offices, restaurants, bars and cafes. Don't miss out the outdoor market which is held every Saturday morning in the town. Everyone needs a break from work and things you love. You can check out this website for the detail of ski chalets and Chamonix. Don't worry about bad weather days because you can go cinema, bowling, or an ice rink. There is a large sports centre with a pool, gym and indoor climbing wall, and there is more.

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