Thursday, May 23, 2013

Travel twice to Midvalley Mall twice!

I have write about the workshop I attended yesterday you can check out what every gal want. In fact I received from Kinohmitsu for attending the workshop.

A night before the workshop I for movie with my dear to watch PEE MAK. It is comedy horror movie, Thai film yes! But with subtitles we understand what they are speaking. Read up this review just click it.

Twice a week headed to this mall, my friend asked me if I want to go yoga this Sat. Sad to say I need to reject her because I want to spend time with family. :D

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Night BBQ, next day Zoo Negara

Saturday night to cousin house for BBQ and then Sunday to Zoo Negara indeed a tired day but I am very happy. My son too happy to play with his cousins, he didn't study at home for Saturday because I was out in morning for yoga. I head to yoga and found Grace my friend.

There is another yoga on this 25 May, but I didn't call to join I think the spot is taken up! Anyway I inform cousin's wife about the yoga on this date. They can call them for register if they have interest to join. :D

It is an hour yoga but I sweat plenty. :D

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Top Commenting Contest@My Mom's Best

You can hop over to My Mom's Best to find out what's the prize awaiting for the Top Commentator for May.

So far 2nd May, there are 3 comments from therosputih, 1 comment from xiojin, 15 comments from Nadratul.

Yeah now you can see whose on the lead at the moment. :D

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