Monday, November 12, 2012

I win or no win Legoland passes

At first I thought I have won the passes to go Legoland as I checked online for the winner list. The total of prize only 11 Prizes but name list of 22 winners. I know something is not right, so I waited weeks to see any mail from Mr. Postman but sadly nothing comes. Then I checked the online list names again and my name missing. Yeah sadly my names have been removed among other ten extra winners. Yeah just eleven Prizes, so I am not the lucky ones.

Nevermind, I am thankful that I didn't win after all think of how much money I would need to fork out for the school holiday trip. It is crazy thinking that I have won and arrangement of going to JB and accommodation, etc. You know I calculate on the expenses and airasia tickets if we are not able to go by car.

My baby is super active and cannot sit properly he would be moving around. Yeah no kidding front and back until I am super tired. My son thought we are going to Legoland this December, well he will be disappointed because I didn't win the Legoland passes so no point for us to go. Properly we wait another two years when his younger brother gets older.

My baby is used to sleep in sarong, I mean electrical sarong. He doesn't sleep well without it in the day and evening.

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