Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last domestic travel holiday with my parents

The last time I have domestic travel holiday with my parents in Malaysia. It is so long ago when I was a teen we head to Cameron highlands and also Genting highlands. I know there is so many changes now and my parent never go for holiday together anymore.

My mom is sicked and she is not suitable to go for travel. I miss going holiday with my parents and I know life is short you need to cherish and love people around you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Excited to know who is my winner

I am sure you know that the giveaway ends at 9pm, I am sure participants excited to find out who is the winner.

It is fun to have giveaway at blog from time to time. I am taking the cocoa collagen every morning. I seldom skip it unless I forget or already had my breakfast. I was told that I can still take it in the afternoon but beware that you might not fall asleep in the night. LOL

Say do you know who will win my giveaway?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holiday trip cancel

Just find out the holiday trip cancel, anyway I am not lose hope as I think we can plan on the trip on our own. But I need to see first because I need everyone co-operation. The trip cancels because someone not wants to go and the entire group that interest to go will not go along.

Look at the bright side we save up money and we don't have to be in hurry to go places.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Need to apply leave or not?


My plan going to holiday next month is not fixed as we are going as group. The leader that in charge of the trip not confirmed with us yet, maybe the leader will wait last minute to inform us but I know some people will need two weeks.

Yeah some friends need to apply leave to go holiday, they need two weeks advance to apply leave.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are we going for a holiday?

My relatives have the plan to go on holiday and it is a group of people. I am happy to see that I am going along but I hope there are no changes at all. I also ask dad to go along as he heard the conversation of going for holiday. But it seems he needs be back home the next day, that is kind of difficult because nobody is going the same way, those people that going same way the car is full.

We are still in the mist of planning, wish us luck. Everyone needs a good rest, good to know some relatives are pregnant too. Go as family is fun, it is first time going with big family. So now you know how important it is to have the car to travel from one place to another.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Checking on hotels at Cameron Highlands

Just checking for the hotels at Cameron Highlands found two that is pretty affordable as there is a forum for your discussion too. You can find the attractions of Cameron Highlands.

The Parkland Apartment only 15 minutes walk away from the pasar malam.

Hotel Titiwangsa have inclusive breakfast and steam boat dinner. It is better to contact them by phone of email for more detail. The rooms are big, check it out! This is located at Brinchang.

Century Pines Resort
s do not have the website of their own, but this site have the picture too. The location of this located at Tanah Rata.

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