Monday, July 13, 2015

What's for lunch?

Here's my fast lunch as I didn't want to go out, my son is at tuition centre while my 4 yrs old is having his nap. 

Mamee has once again added its own touch to a Malaysian favourite - this time with the new Mamee Chef Lontong, its latest co-creation with Dato' Chef Ismail.

I added meat balls in the soup, each pack of Mamee Chef Lontong comes with additional condiments such as chilies and vegetables for more authentic experience.

Traditionally, lontong is a dish made of compressed rice wrapped inside a banana leaf and is popularly eaten during the festive season. There are various regional styles of preparing lontong, but for many Malaysians, eating lontong means having the compressed rice chunks dunked in a rich and flavoursome coconut-based soup.

The soupy style of eating lontong is the inspiration for Mamee Chef Lontong, although few would expect lontong to come in the form of an instant noodle cake. The paste gives the dish an authentic flavour, which makes Mamee Chef Lontong taste as close to the real dish as possible.

Mamee Chef recently appointed popular Malaysian actress and celebrity Nora Danish as its Brand Ambassador. Nora clicks perfectly with the Mamee Chef brand and was chosen for her intelligence, confidence, lifestyle consciousness and her hectic schedule – being a busy professional and mother of a young child.

Recently I watched a movie acted by Nora Danish, Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit it's a comedy movie. I wrote a blog review on this movie, click on the link to read more about it.
Photo above credit to Facebook Mamee Chef, they are having a contest check them for more info.

Mamee Chef, a premium range from homegrown Malaysian instant noodle brand Mamee was first launched in late 2012 and has since then set a new standard for instant noodles. Three of its flavours - Thai Tom Yam, Curry Laksa and Spicy Chicken Shiitake as well as Gold Recipe variants Mi Kari Seribu Rasa and Bihun Kari Seribu Rasa were developed with Dato’ Chef Ismail, the official Co-Creator for the Mamee Chef range.

Mamee Chef is one of the first instant noodles in Malaysia to use the La Mian production technology. The La Mian method, also known as the pulled noodles technique, originated from China during the 15th century and creates noodles that stay springy for longer and don’t get soggy easily. Mamee has perfected the texture and taste of the noodle cake, as well as invested in machines to ensure that the pulled noodles for the Mamee Chef range are produced efficiently without compromising on quality.

The Mamee manufacturing facilities, which are located in 3 locations in Malaysia and one each in Myanmar and Indonesia, are all certified under ISO:9001, ISO:22000 and HACCP, and have halal certification. In Malaysia, Mamee has halalan toyibban certification from JAKIM for adhering to the industry best practices in maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene in food production.

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