Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spending is so easy, what about LOVE?

I can tell you that spending is so much easier than saving. I am not lying to you because I am one of the spender. I spending more than I save and this is the truth.

Some people are lucky to have their folks to back up them. I can tell you that they are having a good life, it is important that they appreciate for what they have right now.

One of my friends are complaining about her parents family business. She is helping them out but her bro is not interested at all. I think they have pampered him too much. She given him the freedom to use the handphone and the bill mounted over $1K each month. No doubt he is having many girlfriends, I am just thinking they are really in love with him or his money.

Travel to look for beads and merchandise

I am sure you have read about it is not easy to make jewelry like bracelet. Do you know that you need find out info about whether you need to have a passport or identification card to travel in the country?

Here you are info about whether you need to bring along passport or identification card to go East Malaysia! I mean if you are at the west Malaysia and interested to go to the East of Malaysia. Go ahead to read and tell me what you have in mind.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Watch out for Toursim fair Malaysia this July

I am not kidding about this as I read in paper the other day that there will be a fair at PWTC. It will be in July, if I am not wrong it is early July to be held at PWTC. This is domestic fair which aim to attract students.

Of course I hope that it is not only for students but for everyone too. You might need to watch out for update on this tourism fair. If I know more, I will post it up to share with you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Losing weight effectively!

My friend told me that she has lost weight in 10 days, how much weight she loses? Just 3kg but it is a good start, in another 10 days she loses 3 inches off her waist! I am hoping to hear her next 10days.

She is going for a wedding dinner this Saturday and she wants to look fit! She has not decided on which clothes to wear. I am hoping she can make a decision soon.

Another friend of mine bought a $10 watch and it is not working at all. Today she went back to the same stall and replaces another watch. If she is going to buy the battery it will cost her $5.

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