Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping for big size clothing

I love shopping for bigger size clothing as I am one of them.

So I am looking at them now and I thinking which is suitable for me.

I think red and black are suitable for all colour clothes.

Bolero Cardigan
SIZE : Free : UK10 to UK22 / M to 5XL
Measurements : Bust - Max 46inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 32inches
Material : Good quality knit cotton, same cutting and ultra stretchy material as front tie cardigan, will not look sheer when maximum stretched, superb material indeed
Colours :
Ebony Black - ALL SOLD OUT
Chilli Red - ALL SOLD OUT
Dark Purple - ALL SOLD OUT
Candy Pink - ALL SOLD OUT

Restocked 10.12.09!!!
Ebony black - ALL SOLD OUT
Chilli red - ALL SOLD OUT
Dark purple - Available
Candy Pink - ALL SOLD OUT
Dark Grey - Available
New!!! Snow White - ALL SOLD OUT
Restocked 21.01.2010!!!
Ebony black - Available
Coffee Brown - Available
Chilli Red - Available
Snow white - Available
Candy Pink - Available

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Put on lip balm to sleep

I often use lip balm and I am using the fat balm strawberry eyeko, you can find it at If you are purchase above ten sterling pound just use this ambassador code E3624 during check out.

Lovely jewelry above to see more head to Jewelry by S. Almost forgot that I need to ask my sister something but my cell phone is charging now due to low battery. I might not able to contact her since is she travel to another country for a while.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crocodile farm in Malaysia

If you like to see crocodile, I would suggest to go Kuching, Sarawak. If you like to know the room rates have a look at this hotels for all. The list might not be the latest but at least you know sort of how much the room charges cost.

You do not need to hire a car with driver if you are travel with small group. You can just hire the taxi at the hotel as it is much cheaper. I remember reach Kuching airport to purchase MYR$20 ticket for the ride from airport to hotel. You need to ask them where is the taxi parking as outside the airport there are some not belong to the airport.

If you like to stay away from the city check out Kuching Park Hotel.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buget hotel in Malacca

I know my friend is going to stay at Seven Hotel, it is only MYR$79 per night. It is cheap and she is going with her boyfriend. Seven Hotel is a two star hotel and I am going to tell my other friend about this hotel.

Personally I have not been there but I will give a try if I am going to visit Malacca this year. Good news for folks that looking for internet access because this Seven Hotel provided them. I am not sure of the fees but you can check at their reception.

If there is a choice to call them or email them, I would choose to call them and ask.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holiday in Malaysia

It is fun to travel in Malaysia, I know some people prefer to stay at budget hotel. Some might not serve the tea and coffee which you like. You can always head to the local shopping mall to buy. Above is one of the drinks that I like, it is the coffee drink.

I used to purchase the Teh Tarik three in one but the price increased so much that I am not going to buy any. I started to purchase the Teh Tarik at MYR$6 something and then increase to MYR$8 something. Now the price is MYR$9 something!

You just need a cup and hot water to mix with it. Tell me if you bring a long a few sachet or a packet of it when you travel in Malaysia.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year

I got to know my classmate is going to Malacca this Chinese New Year. She has been dating steady for a few months now, both of them have met each other parents. He is the oldest among three siblings. I am glad she find someone she loves and I hope they get married soon so they can start a family.

He helped her to paint her brothers' room. I am sure he will help again when they are moving in new home. Tambun, Perak is where her brother bought a double storey house. The house cost MYR$160,000 two years ago. Now I am sure the price is even more!

I miss her so much as we have not seen each other for more than five years! We still keep in touch using sms.

I am here to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day! The day where first day of Chinese New Year. Temple Tian Hou Kong is open for marriage registration on that day! They never open on Sunday and it is so special for loving couples.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eat fruits during travel

If you are going for travel always look for fruits, they help to digest food you eat. Some places the fruits are expensive so you need to know which to pick.

I know you can purchase juice from local shopping mall, do you prefer juice or chew the fruits? It is up to you as I prefer to drink juice.

Above you are looking at mango it is raw for now because you need to let it be for days before it become sweet. I love to eat this and there is no worm in it! There is time that I bite a mango contained half of the worm in my mouth!

If you are dining at the restaurant you can even request for fruits, but depend as well if the restaurant serve any fruits. I plan to eat many fruits during Chinese New Year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Check car accessories before travel

I have been looking up and down for the suitable spoilers for my car. I spotted this car somewhere in town, I can tell you that I want one just like that. Most of my friends often travel and I am sure they want to find info on truck and car accessories.

Some friends want car body kits for their cars and they will be happy to find this site useful. This site has got the pictures of body kits and you can click on the image to see them. Now I know where they find the custom gauges. If you are driving Nissan, Toyota, Chevy, FORD, and other you can find all car under this site.

I know some people will need help online so they have online live chat that you can use. Just key in the item that you are looking for in the search box. Shopping online is so convenient and now they have got prices slashed 20% you can save and shop at your cosy space.

If you are going to travel always check your car accessories. Find out if your headlight and taillight to see if they are working fine. When you think of car and truck accessories you know where to find them.

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