Friday, May 23, 2014

Total Stranger in Mall

Today after the event then it was night so I hanging out at the Sam Deli to have my coffee, then came a stranger with backpack and hand with a bag too. He told me that he needs money to go back Johor Bharu. That's strange, if he's in trouble he should proceed to shopping mall security or the information counter, why come forward to me. I didn't bother him as it's very strange so many people in the area and he chooses to talk with me.

Well, there's alot scam in the mall so better avoid such people. If he's really in trouble, I am sure he'll find a way. There is more than one Chinese people in the mall.

I'm not able to help him too, I have just enough money for back to my home. I need to pay parking fee for the event I attended.

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