Saturday, August 9, 2014

To Publika from Subang Jaya

I can say that I haven't been to Publika for 2 years, the last I went there with Coreen. She fetch me from SS2 PJ.

I haven't been there since, I didn't know how to go there. I check waze and thought it is easy but yesterday while my dear is driving I can tell you that waze is not saying anything at all. I still have to refer to my phone to check the map to go Publika. 

We have to follow the route Mont Kiara to go Publika, the parking in Publika is expensive. Dear parking at the premiere parking and it cost RM5 for first two hours. We parked only 3 hours plus and it cost us RM9. Yeah never parked at the premiere parking there! 

Anyway this coming October I still need go Publika and it's a weekday, you can imagine the jam.

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