Sunday, August 24, 2008

No holiday? Try fish spa

Oh yeah I wanted to have a nice holiday but I didn't get the chance. So I have tried going for Fish Spa. Indeed very nice experience and you know what? I know now where there are different charges at different places you that operating fish spa.

If its operating in shopping mall, the charges would be higher and the difference is quite a gap too. I saw a fish spa outside Giant which only cost $15 for half hour of fish spa. The fishes are smaller and lesser than the those you saw in shopping mall. They used those kids playing type of swimming pool bubble type to operate such spa.

Everybody will be looking at you because its just outside near the entrance of Giant.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beware of the spider

I have received an email from friend and like to share with everyone. So just take precaution of this Spider.

When you see this spider - run as fast as you can or kill it immediately.

Have any one of you heard about or seen this spider? Happening in Singapore!

Take note it's around the house.....and anywhere!

Please note this poisonous-spider (attached pictures above) was reported on 01May 2008 - channel 8It's commonly found in Brazil, but somehow it made its way here in Singapore. An English man was recently bitten by it but unfortunately, they freed the spider not knowing that it's poisonous!

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