Thursday, December 26, 2013

Freebie Jan CLEO Magazine 2014

So happy to see my friends has got their hands on the Cleo Jan issue. Freebie on this issue is exciting but it's only available in Times bookstore. This bookstore is not near me. :(

Talking of freebie check out giveaway ends soon at my mom's best.

Talking of freebie I think of shopping check out this cute black dress! I can fit in but I need to slim down, so I want to sell it too. If I can't I will need slim down to look better in this sparkling black dress!

My dear is plus size too so we do travel to find plus size clothing that suitable for us.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Movie and Giveaway

I love blogging and join giveaway to try my luck. How about you?

There's giveaway on how to win awesome prize above, click on image to find out.

Yesterday won movie passes to watch Homefront but I didn't make it as dear is working late. So I asked my friend to go on my behalf. :D She went with her boyfriend to watch in One Utama.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Infomation on traveling aboard

It is school holiday soon; my friends are planning to travel aboard. They are planning to traveling aboard with their family to several destinations for vacation. I am sure they are interested to check out the information about traveling aboard. With Internet access today, we can surf online from office and home.

I found the website user friendly and easy to browse. You can check on destinations which you have interest to travel namely Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Charleston, Curacao, Jamaica, Los Cabos, Miami, Riviera Maya, St. Maarten, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Some people might have interest to check out their destinations videos on Aruba videos, Bermuda videos, Curacao videos, and Miami videos. They have choices of hotels Hyatt and Marriott.

They have other languages available for the website; it is located at the top left corner of the website. You can choose language of German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian. This is good website if you are looking for multilingual destination guides.

I am sure besides traveling you will be interested to check on money saving tips. Don't just read here, just click on the link above to find out.

Always plan before you start your traveling aboard.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I have knee injury

The other day I was in Midvalley for an event and I didn't watch out the ceramic chair. I knocked into and getting my knee injury. Yeah the pain is getting worst, I have put patch for my left knee.

Sometimes I am clumsy and I didn't watch where I am going. One time in One Utama with my son, I have sprained my right ankle because I didn't watch the steps of stairs. Imagine I fell from the stairs and instantly sprained my ankle. It was on Saturday, I know I have to be more careful next time.

My right ankle no more pain but its my left knee that is in pain.

Giveaway on my blogs

It was a fun and tired weekend for us, we have a busy day on Saturday and Sunday.

We enjoy the Guardian Walkathon 2013 in iCity but sad to say the place is not user friendly. We are unable to go the restaurants because their lift spoiled and they don't have other way which we can go. We have baby stroller and it would be impossible for us to carry it up the stairs to go the restaurant for lunch.

Anyway, check out my blog giveaway

It is November soon, my birthday. :D

Monday, September 16, 2013

NSK at kuchai lama, KL

Yesterday we took a trip to NSK, we are happy to be there. Yeah I spend so much money there for the fresh seafood. No kidding, my dear says they are worth to buy. My relatives too shopping from there. They told me about this place on Sunday and yesterday we check it out.

Not everything in NSK is worth to purchase.

I applied for the NSK member card, it cost me RM10. I will need to renew the card every year!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Saturday plan

What is your plan for this Saturday?

I have plan of it and my dear son says he wants to follow me this Saturday.

Tomorrow is Friday not sure if there are many teachers in school as today and yesterday not many teachers. They saw Ah Boys To men in the hall!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My stayed at Diamond Plaza Hotel Hatyai, Thailand

On Thursday night 9pm travel by bus from Negeri Sembilan to Thailand, yeah reach hotel before 3pm. After check in, I found very bad smell in the restroom. I hate it, the smell of smoking in the restroom! There is only one staff on this floor that cleaning up the room, she should have bring the spray for the room.

Anyway it is Raya week, so every hotel will be busy. I brought own shampoo, body gel, and towel to use. The hotel only provide the shampoo in sachet, yes will not be enough for dear and my son.

The hotel is just walking distance to go McD, and other shopping mall. I manage to shop nearby for clothing. If I go further place, I need take their cab RM2 one way.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopping baby/toddler clothes

I love shopping, how about you? Now there's chance to win RM1,000 shopping spree, click on the link to find out.

Shopping online more convenient for me.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Realms of Raya@Sunway Pyramid

It was the day I am travel two shopping mall, yes first stop to Sunway Pyramid for the launched of Realms of Raya, you can click photo above for detail.

I love the Turkish dance yeah everyone enjoy watching this them. Don't forget we get to see celebrities too. Find out who are them by click above photo.

Second mall I head to One Utama because the night I watched the Wolverine movie with my dear and son.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cathay Cineplex Damansara to watch Pacific Rim

I have interest to watch the movie Pacific Rim and checking on newspaper the Star today but sad to say didn't see Pacific Rim. I check online for it, yay... here's following.

Haven't decide to watch it on which day. How about you?

Cathay Cineplex Damansara
Pacific Rim* [P13]
26 Jul 2013, Fri11:3012:3014:1515:1517:5019:0020:3021:3523:00
27 Jul 2013, Sat00:1511:0013:3515:4518:4520:3021:3023:15
28 Jul 2013, Sun11:1513:5015:4018:45


Monday, July 22, 2013

Bloggers in USJ, Subang Jaya

Are you living in Subang Jaya or USJ or Bandar Sunway? Sometimes there is event going on and there is opportunity for blogger to be media.

If you have interest can leave a comment on this post with your blog link. You can also email to me at sherry go at Hotmail dot com.

What it takes to be media blogger? You will need to be at the event to take pictures of event and don't forget to post up the info of event to your blog.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Esse Gives Back 2013 this 19 July

Esse Gives Back is a one day "Nature" themed charity art sale event. The event encourages children all over the world to participate by creating an artwork about nature. These amazing young artists, ages from 3 to 16 years old, painted their love for nature into these artworks. The artworks are submitted from as far away as USA and South Africa, to Hong Kong, China, Australia, Singapore and also from Malaysia.

All the artworks are painted by children, for children. The proceeds from sales of the artwork will be donated to SHELTER – Home for Children in Malaysia. SHELTER is a registered welfare organization in Malaysia that has been in existence since 1981 to help abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. They provide care and education to them and raise public awareness on issues such child abuse and child protection.

[Invitation card to Public to come] You may refer to the above. :D
Good day to you.  We would like to to extend our gratitude to invite you [and your friend] to ESSE Gives back charity on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery, Central Market. 11:00 am till 7:00 pm

Please feel free to extend the invitation to your esteemed organization to support us by distributing out this invitation to all your corporate or VIPs members, those are keen to do charity and participating for this meaningful event.

Also, you may view the 100 paintings and purchase them online prior to the event day or just attend the auction at 4pm on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery. 

Of course, you’re cordially invited to attend this cheerful event on 19 July and really appreciate if you could RSVP and support the event via

Shelterhome website :
Pictures of the paintings :
Photos of Nadia Heng visiting Shelter Home :
Photos of the painting :

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rely on ipad for travel

I am not familiar about going to Cheras Leisure Mall, thanks to my dear he knows the way by using the ipad for travel. I didn't know how to use one for travel and don't have the money to won own an Ipad myself.

Anyway I am glad we make it there, but sad to say his face is not happy because so bad jam in the area makes him sick! Not just him, some of my friends been complaining too not just no parking but very jam in the area of Cheras Leisure Mall.


Monday, July 1, 2013

August plan for vacation

We have got plan for this August, yeah heading to Thailand by bus. Oh well, we didn't get to book plane tickets because they are out of stock. Perhaps they have the business class but we cannot afford. It will be a bus trip for us, well a bus of families and relatives. Sad to say my parents in law and baby plus sister in law are not going.

It will be our first family trip, yeah can't wait it will be fun and adventure!

I have been told that Passport which expired in six months will not be allow to enter Thailand!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Guess and Win plus giveaway

Being mom ain't easy and I know I love giveaway so I have some goodie for my follower. Just check out on how to Guess & Win, click on the link for detail.

Don't forget to check out how to win the Wacoal panties too!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Driving to One Utama?

It will be my first time to travel to One Utama shopping mall by myself, well I am not alone I will have my son to accompany me in car. I have never drive this far and it will be my first time to go, I hope I am not lost.

I have interest in Avene workshop but sad to say it falls on Saturday which is the day my dear not working. I better stay home to with family because Sunday will be another challenging day for us. Perhaps we can go collect prize but then second day we need go again to Midvalley. We'll see how it goes.

Today will be son and my second time to watch movie at TGV Sunway Pyramid. Yeah the last time with my dear to watch Frankenweenie.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Star Trek in the darkness movie review

I watched this movie with my dear and my son, I used up the complimentary voucher which going to expired soon. Good decision to watch this even though we are 15 min late, yeah blame it on the traffic. Even though school holidays, but bad traffic bad so we unable to watch Iron Man 3 or Epic.

Anyway I enjoyed watch this movie, interesting movie and the actors are handsome! :D

It is my son first time to watch Star Trek, he seen some movies of Star War not Star Trek.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Travel twice to Midvalley Mall twice!

I have write about the workshop I attended yesterday you can check out what every gal want. In fact I received from Kinohmitsu for attending the workshop.

A night before the workshop I for movie with my dear to watch PEE MAK. It is comedy horror movie, Thai film yes! But with subtitles we understand what they are speaking. Read up this review just click it.

Twice a week headed to this mall, my friend asked me if I want to go yoga this Sat. Sad to say I need to reject her because I want to spend time with family. :D

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Night BBQ, next day Zoo Negara

Saturday night to cousin house for BBQ and then Sunday to Zoo Negara indeed a tired day but I am very happy. My son too happy to play with his cousins, he didn't study at home for Saturday because I was out in morning for yoga. I head to yoga and found Grace my friend.

There is another yoga on this 25 May, but I didn't call to join I think the spot is taken up! Anyway I inform cousin's wife about the yoga on this date. They can call them for register if they have interest to join. :D

It is an hour yoga but I sweat plenty. :D

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Top Commenting Contest@My Mom's Best

You can hop over to My Mom's Best to find out what's the prize awaiting for the Top Commentator for May.

So far 2nd May, there are 3 comments from therosputih, 1 comment from xiojin, 15 comments from Nadratul.

Yeah now you can see whose on the lead at the moment. :D

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travel and vote for your country!

I don't know how to say this but this is it, it will be my second time to vote. We will be travel here and there because of family members voting area not the same. :D

How about you? Are you ready to vote this Sunday?

From bottom of my heart..

I just want peace in mind but sad to say, you didn't give me. You know who you are.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Omi Skin Care for me

Yesterday I received a letter that I won a prize. I took part in offline contest, I try my luck in magazine contest and I won. The prize is worth RM126, you can see the below picture. I thought I win many products but only three items. The picture shown give items, but I only received three.
If you like contest, why not try your luck, you might be a winner. :D
The brand is Japanese brand so I don't know the words in Japanese language.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Travel alone or with family?!

I can tell you that travel alone and with family, they are difference. Being alone is freelance and you can set your own time. Travel with family usually needs more time to prepare and get ready. I know I always end up waiting someone or someone waiting for me. lol

Do you prefer to travel alone or travel with family?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Adventure for mother & son

It is a fun day out, I waited son to finish his school then bring him for lunch. I bought lunch back for sister-in-law as home has no water since last night. Back home bathed him and I changed before heading out again.

From Taman Jaya LRT I bought two tickets for son and me, RM7.90 for two pax. It is only one way, I bought the ticket until LRT Seri Petaling, we need to change LRT at Masjid Jamek. No kidding from there only take LRT to Seri Petaling then asked a cab to go Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14. It is sad to say the taxi driver is not very friendly, he refused to wait for us and told us to go nearest bus stop for another taxi. The weather is bad, it was raining when we reached and worst heavy rain when out of the office.

I tried to stop a few taxi but sad to say they refused to take passenger in heavy rain. There is reason for it, I asked a taxi driver he says they do not want to wet their inside car. They don't like people with umbrella during heavy rain, it is worst for them and they rather not having passenger during these period!

Lucky us, the rain stopped when I stop a taxi. Taxi ride to LRT station RM4 one way. From LRT Station to the Esplanad Arcade it is RM4.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Driving to Petaling Jaya

Today is a challenging day for me, I bring son along with me. He had his nap in car while I am driving to Petaling Jaya. Yeah eyes on the road and signboard to get to the office. I want to collect the Prize I won, it is wonderbox. :D

I am happy to receive the sms that I won the prize from Cosmopolitan Magazine. Yeah I took part in contest/giveaway often to try my luck. So if you like to join contest/giveaway try them out. Who knows you might win?!

check below links for giveaway.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wet tissues and Baby wipes

Yeah I am having baby wipes or wet tissues no matter where I go. It is useful for kids to wipe their hands and mouth in case no water at the food court!

Recently I found good deal to purchase wet tissues but brand is Guardian, you can find it in Subang Parade. Guardian Bargain Corner ends this Sunday.

I bought wet tissues and baby wipes, can't believe it's my second trip there because first trip I didn't manage to purchase.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Go post office to postage of PRizes

I need to go post office this few days to post the Prizes for my winners in the giveaway I held on my blogs.

Yeah I love contests and giveaways and I also giveaway in my blog. Have you taken part?
Recently the giveaway in another blog is Top Commentator giveaway for April 2013. Yeah You can still make it just click on the link for detail!.

At the moment I don't why my blog keeps direct to another website! It is very disturbing, for me and fellow followers to view.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Listen to One FM to win The Croods movie passes

Do you like to watch free movie? It is easy listen to One FM, yeah they have free movie passes to giveaway.

I am not kidding, they have the Croods four movie passes. The movie premiere will be at One Utama.

 This is radion station you need to listen for their que to sms. :D

Don't give up trying, you never know if you are the lucky 8th that sms. :D

Monday, March 18, 2013

When to go Medan, Indonesia?

I did not put any hope of going Medan, Indonesia because it is no right moment for us to go. Last vacation to Kuching, Sarawak was many years back. If we are going to vacation we need to plan on many things like where to stay and where to eat plus shopping.

Good to know someone is able to go vacation with loved ones.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sun block mist for me

I am glad I have purchased the Vanity Trove last year because one item I always keep in my bag will be he sun block mist. I just spray on my face, I do used sun block on my face but I still need apply as you know sun block only last for two hours.

The Vanity Trove filled with many surprises and yeah good one and bad one! The Vanity Trove I earlied subscribed was the Singapore.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Miss out watching Jack The Giant Slayer

I miss out going to the movie that I won, 9.30 movie tonight Jack The Giant Slayer. I wanted to watch this movie badly, I won the movie pass from Facebook contest. I just cannot believe that they told me I only won a pass! They says that it would my own risk if I bring a person along to watch with me. They did mention that they may have the extra passes but there is no guarantee.

Well it is last minute, they inform me of I have got two movie passes instead of one. By the time I read their message 5pm in the evening, you know traffic jam has started. Anyway I didn't make it for the movie I told them they can pass to others.

Not making to the movie I spend time with my son for 15minutes at playground, guide him to do his homework. Nevermind I didn't able to watch this movie tonight, I will make it up with my dear and son as we plan to watch movie together.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Travel with kids

I need to prepare on snacks and tibits for my kids if I need to bring them for travel. This weekend we are heading to Zoo and my son very excited because his birthday we promised to bring him go but his little brother was sick so we didn't go.

Now we have chance to go and he's going to be excited about it. I told him, he needs to do well in Spelling because the Chinese Language has the zoo words. But it seems he still didn't write correctly! Anyway I didn't blame him, he must have hard time to remember the strokes for spelling.

Travel with kids not just about snacks but also bring along toys if you can! Talking of travel don't forget to stock up your sunscreen, I did that's why I am having a red handbag organizer giveaway. Click on the link to find out.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Missing girls found

The missing teenagers are found, the sisters went missing appreantly they didn't go to school. The school and their home just ten minutes away. The teenagers were found with the eldest sister's foreign boyfriend.

Being parent is not easy task, we need to look out for our childre. Get to know what's going on in their school and their life.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two weeks school holiday?!

Wow my friend told me her daughter has two weeks school holiday on this Chinese New Year, my son only has a week school holiday. His last class on this Friday, he has got his hair cut same goes with his little brother.

This Chinese New Year I feel it will be quiet one, anyway I hope to see twins gal soon.m

Friday, February 1, 2013

Where to go this Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is not far away so I know we are not going far, it will be visit relatives and friends. Some people get away with Chinese New Year where they can go vacation or holiday.

Anyway, what's your plan for this Chinese New Year? I heard that this year is Black Snake for Chinese New Year.

What is your lucky colour? I checked and I have got colours like purple, pink , green, and red. :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heat gives me acne

No kidding so warm and hot here, it gives me acne problem. I have got acne problem because I didn't drink a lot of water. I also not getting enough sleep sometimes but it is because I drank tea or coffee. Anyway I am tried to replace my sleep less moments.

Can we get sleep replacement? Of yes, why not?


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spotted fun fair in Shah Alam, Selangor

The other night we head to Giant at Shah Alam, we saw the fun fair nearby but unable to go because we dont know exactly where it is. I like fun fair, it is fun for adult and kids. I have been to fun fair in another state, I like play the games there.

Talking of fun fair i miss spending time with my parents.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bring KOOLFEVER where I go

Next month is Chinese New Year, we going back home town and can never forget to bring along the KOOLFEVER because it is one of useful product for everyone in the family. Whenever the children gets fever we put this on their forehead.

Talking of KOOLFEVER, there's a commenting contest going on. If you like to win something, check out this blog and try to be the Top Commentator for this month!

Monday, January 14, 2013

None stop travel to school

Yeah being a mommy is not easy, I have to travel to school for many times. If son's has accidently wet his pants because he was holding them. I don't know where he has got the idea to hold his shit! LOL

Okay it is not funny but he did; he told me that he keeps saying hold it, don't come out but still it comes out. I don't know to scold him or kiss him, he's so funny and growing up fast!

He's not a baby anymore, he can now tell me about his time table things he likes to do first before doing the homework or going in the shower. Yeah let him have a break, I know life today is not the same.

I need to go school early because difficult to find parking. Many mommies are sending food to school, but not for me because I seldom cook.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Voucher kids go FREE to LEGOLAND Malaysia

I have two vouchers kids go free to LEGOLAND Malaysia, I like to use them as giveaway here. The vouchers are valid until 31 March 2013. I have only two vouchers in hand.

Just for your info, at LEGOLAND Malaysia they are fourty rides, shows and attractons. On 15 September 2012, LEGOLAND Malaysia is opened as Asia's first LEGOLAND theme park!

You can bring this voucher and enjoy kids go free day ticket to LEGOLAND Malaysia with a full paying adult.The voucher is valid for FREE SINGLE DAY child ticket (age 3-11) with the purchase of full gate price adult ticket to LEGOLAND Malaysia at the same time and day of purchase only! Only one child ticket per voucher per full gate price adult ticket. Offer is not applicable for pre-purchase or online sales and cannot be combined with any other discounts, rebates or promotions including the Mykad promotion, annual passes, groups and education offers. *You can find out more when you receive this voucher as stated at back of it for Terms & Conditions*.

If you are interested in the two vouchers kids go FREE to LEGOLAND Malaysia, leave your comment in this post just like following:
GFC Follower id:
I like to win the voucher kids go for free to LEGOLAND Malaysia from Sherry because... (in 15 words or less)

I shall not be responsible for the lost of vouchers during postage Malaysia, I will use normal post to mail the vouchers. You will need to have address in Malaysia and be my blog follower for this giveaway.

Be the first to comment and win the two vouchers!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Everyday to school

You may find that I will be lack of updates on the blog because I am busy being driver, parent, guidance to my son. It seems I need to check on the homeworks he has got and see whether he done them correct or not and also check if he has miss out something. No kidding, my son can miss out copy the words from schoo board. He's not alone, other kids face the same problem too.

My son knows how to write his name in Chinese. They are other races that learn in the school, so it will be an advantage for the children to learn the language.

Don't forget to check out following giveaway
10,000 Total pageview giveaway

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