Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Miss out watching Jack The Giant Slayer

I miss out going to the movie that I won, 9.30 movie tonight Jack The Giant Slayer. I wanted to watch this movie badly, I won the movie pass from Facebook contest. I just cannot believe that they told me I only won a pass! They says that it would my own risk if I bring a person along to watch with me. They did mention that they may have the extra passes but there is no guarantee.

Well it is last minute, they inform me of I have got two movie passes instead of one. By the time I read their message 5pm in the evening, you know traffic jam has started. Anyway I didn't make it for the movie I told them they can pass to others.

Not making to the movie I spend time with my son for 15minutes at playground, guide him to do his homework. Nevermind I didn't able to watch this movie tonight, I will make it up with my dear and son as we plan to watch movie together.

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