Monday, December 22, 2008

Have you been to National Park?

I like to know if you have been to any National Park. I did but it was so long ago. I went to the Bako National Park in Kuching, Sarawak which is located in Malaysia. My friends in Malaysia are want to go National Park they are looking for interested to go as a group. The National Park that I mention they have been there before.

While checking the website, I have found Montana Resorts . It is located in the United States. I have not been there before. Do you know that it is one of the premier national resort in country. I think if you love the nature you will like to check out this site for more information.

I am looking at the accommodation of Glacier National Park Lodging . The room rate range from $119 to $450 per night. I know everyone will have a budget, just check out which is suitable for you. You do not need to spend more if it is within your budget. Glacier National Park Accommodations have various choice of accommodations for you to choose from.

When comes to National Park, I will be thinking about what type of activities and adventures. I am just looking at the Glacier National Park Lodge with activities like horseback riding, fly fishing, scenic bus tour, scenic boat cruises, whitewater rafting, hiking and more. I think if you like photography this is a nice national park that you can snap many pictures.

List down what you need to buy

I have a list on hand which I have to buy like eggs, bread, can food. There is more as I have not written all down. Its Tuesday and tonight there is night market. I do not think that I am going there. Just like my friends they are want to cut down on weight. I mean loss weight goal.

Last night my friend Christine called me. Telling me that she wanted to treat me dinner. It's not only me but also her friends too. She set the date on 29 Dec but not sure about the time. She said it will be evening time for dinner.

So now I just need her to call me again to tell the time and location.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have anyone take Air Asia flight?

I like to know if anyone have taken flight using Air Asia. I have not as it has been sometimes since my last travel. I have holiday the other month but it was local using car not a plane. So tell me how do you think of the Service with Air Asia.

My friend was telling me that when she called them it will takes a long time to reach an officer. Because they are too many calls on line. So you need to wait in queue before they can answer you. I mean queue on phone.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shopping for poker table

It's month of December where everyone is excited as you are going to celebrate Christmas and countdown to New Year too. In the coming month of January will be Chinese New Year too. My friends have been telling me that they are having many plans on this festive season.

I know my friends will be feeling uncomfortable to play poker without poker table. That's why I am here to share a website that I found and want to tell you about it as well. You can find all type of Poker Tables .

Shopping online at your cozy home or office can be so convenient. You do not have to go out and wait in lines. Do you know that American Gaming Supply has the wide selection of poker tables and they offers free shipping with US and Canada. They also have good selection of poker chips and supplies.

I am going to tell my chinese friends about this poker tables website that I found. Not sure if they are going to buy but at least I let them know about it. They can with their friends maybe buy a poker table together.

Are you looking for poker table? If yes, you can check out this website as well.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Checking out Keurig brewers

Tell me if you are going for a vacation or holiday. What you like to have? I mean to say is that when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you like to get? Personally, I love a cup of coffee. I just love the smell of coffee. I am having coffee everyday and I can't live without it.

Keurig brewers is the coffee brewers I am looking at. If you are gourmet coffee lovers you will like to check this site. This is the website where you can see the complete line of Keurig coffee brewers. I love shopping and I can tell you this is the place where you can see Keurig coffee brewer is on sale at discount prices.

There's something which you need to know. If you are having orders above $30 you are going to have Fast & Free Shipping. That's free ground shipping on all orders over $30. If you love sampler, you will like this as they are giving free sampler packs for every three 22 Pack Boxes or higher purchased.

I got to some friends bring their very own water filter machine while travel. Well, I think they are traveller that bring coffee brewers where ever they go. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. If you love coffee, you can check out the Keurig brewers and tell me what you think of them.

First Day of December 2008

Yeah it's the first day of December 2008, I am sure everyone is happy as this is the month for Christmas and family gathering as well. I know that my friends are going to be happy as they are going back home town for celebration.

Some of them are planning on a nice vacation to Singapore too. It's good to have time off and give yourself a break. I mean treat yourself a good time.

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