Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Travel expenses to event is it worth it?

There are so many events going on, when comes to event I am picky because I need to see my schedule to find whether I can make it or not.

I also need to check where is the place, usually the venue of important most to me. I need to travel there on my own, whether I am using public transport or drive there. I also need to beat the jam and we never know about the traffic of the area.

If there's an event nearer to me I would choose the nearby because I don't need to spend more time going out early and stuck in jam to go the venue. Other than that, you never know what you are getting from the event. Seldom there's pr that willing to tell you exactly the contain of what you are getting. I usually attend due to my interest or things that interest or there's good time to spend with kids and family members.

I do go for event that is single travel blogger invitation as I will check whether it's suitable for me to go or not the date and time. I would definitely check with my dear if he's able to fetch our kids.

It's about what we are getting from an event but it's also a place for us to social with others. There was time that I have agree to go to an event which is far away, then there is invitation that is nearer to me. Because I have promise to go for the event there, I decided to let go of the venue that is nearer to me because of my promises.

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