Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Miss out watching Jack The Giant Slayer

I miss out going to the movie that I won, 9.30 movie tonight Jack The Giant Slayer. I wanted to watch this movie badly, I won the movie pass from Facebook contest. I just cannot believe that they told me I only won a pass! They says that it would my own risk if I bring a person along to watch with me. They did mention that they may have the extra passes but there is no guarantee.

Well it is last minute, they inform me of I have got two movie passes instead of one. By the time I read their message 5pm in the evening, you know traffic jam has started. Anyway I didn't make it for the movie I told them they can pass to others.

Not making to the movie I spend time with my son for 15minutes at playground, guide him to do his homework. Nevermind I didn't able to watch this movie tonight, I will make it up with my dear and son as we plan to watch movie together.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Travel with kids

I need to prepare on snacks and tibits for my kids if I need to bring them for travel. This weekend we are heading to Zoo and my son very excited because his birthday we promised to bring him go but his little brother was sick so we didn't go.

Now we have chance to go and he's going to be excited about it. I told him, he needs to do well in Spelling because the Chinese Language has the zoo words. But it seems he still didn't write correctly! Anyway I didn't blame him, he must have hard time to remember the strokes for spelling.

Travel with kids not just about snacks but also bring along toys if you can! Talking of travel don't forget to stock up your sunscreen, I did that's why I am having a red handbag organizer giveaway. Click on the link to find out.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Missing girls found

The missing teenagers are found, the sisters went missing appreantly they didn't go to school. The school and their home just ten minutes away. The teenagers were found with the eldest sister's foreign boyfriend.

Being parent is not easy task, we need to look out for our childre. Get to know what's going on in their school and their life.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two weeks school holiday?!

Wow my friend told me her daughter has two weeks school holiday on this Chinese New Year, my son only has a week school holiday. His last class on this Friday, he has got his hair cut same goes with his little brother.

This Chinese New Year I feel it will be quiet one, anyway I hope to see twins gal soon.m

Friday, February 1, 2013

Where to go this Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is not far away so I know we are not going far, it will be visit relatives and friends. Some people get away with Chinese New Year where they can go vacation or holiday.

Anyway, what's your plan for this Chinese New Year? I heard that this year is Black Snake for Chinese New Year.

What is your lucky colour? I checked and I have got colours like purple, pink , green, and red. :D

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