Saturday, May 22, 2010

I miss out the free tickets on Air Asia

I know about the free tickets of Air Asia but I have not take part in any as I don't have enough money to travel. Now the expenses of living is getting more as going to one place and another you will need to go through toll.

I think my car is taking up the fuel cost of MYR$80 a month, I don't know the exact calculation yet this is just my estimation. I think of change car but then I will have to pay the car instalment for at least six years. Talking of money I don't think it is right time to change car. I am thankful as I have a car to drive around.

Transportation is important to go places.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Essence Beauty the body shapers

I thought I could fit in to this and I do but it is very hard to put on, I need help from friend because my hands cannot go to the back. My friend like to use body shapers and she told she is wearing it everyday, in fact her mom also purchase one of the slimming pants to wear. Yeah it is not the same brand but she told me that her mom shows signs of beauty on her legs. Her dad used to complain her mom having fat legs and now she has slim legs. :D

The brand I forgot it but she told me the price range MYR $180-$200.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cocoa Collagen

I think best way to try the product is having a giveaway, so there is a sachet to win!

This giveaway Prizes only for one winner. Check out at There is Happiness!
  1. Measurement Chart from Twins Happiness
  2. Hello Kitty Frame from There is Happines
  3. Sponge bob toy from Also Mommy
  4. Avon Wish for Peace from TH Corner
  5. Milk Brightening Eye Mask from Heart Random
  6. Milk Brightening Eye Mask from isherrygo
  7. Creative toys from Lurvertyhing
  8. Big Eyes Dolly cell phone charm from Sherry Contest
  9. A sachet of Cocoa Collage from Travel Blog
  10. Blue Hair Wire from Nikofav
  11. Orange Hair Wire from Yumiko
Giveaway ends on 21 June, 2010. Hey this is open for everyone to take part!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Penang, Bangalore, Phuket and more from RM23

Penang, Bangalore, Phuket and more from RM23 for more info check out Air Asia website. It is only from 10 May to 23 May, 2010. Hurry up don't miss out, by the way it is travel from 24 May to 25 August.

Happy Mother's Day Contest


I have been planning for giveaway for sometimes and lucky that I am in time to do so. It is Happy Mother's Day Contest.

The Prizes below is for ONE LUCKY WINNER!
  1. NYX lip gloss from That Blog 4 Me
  2. Very Chery lip balm from Also Mommy
  3. Mango Tango lip balm from TH Corner
  4. Eyeko tinted cream from Name Sherry(small size like 20 cent coin, you can click link to see it)
  5. Hello Kitty cell phone charm from My Mom's Best
  6. Wrapped pendant from Heart Random
  7. One sachet of Cocoa Collagen from My Travel Blog
  8. Eye mask from isherrygo
  9. Eye mask from

Requirement to take part in Mother's Day Contest.

  1. Must be That Blog 4 Me follower using the Google Friend Connect
  2. Also follow My Travel Blog using the Google Friend Connect
  3. Add That Blog 4 Me and My Travel Blog to your blog roll.
  4. Blog the contest with the Picture and Prizes.
  5. Leave comment in this post on with your blog URL of the contest you posted at blog.
  6. Complete the slogan, I love you mommy because.... "in less than 15 words".
  7. Place the banner of this Happy Mother's Day Contest at the side bar.
  8. All comments under moderation, if you are qualified your name will be listed in this post.
  9. Contest open to blogger with valid address in Malaysia and contest ends on 31 May, 2010.
  10. Winner will be chosen using

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just one sachet a day

The cocoa collagen all you need a sachet a day, it is taken early in the morning before breakfast. I like to travel and usually I keep in my handbag so I can take this easily. This is for woman only and not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mom.

One packet of cocoa collagen has ten sachet inside. Above you are looking at one sachet of cocoa collagen.

You can Google to find out more of the Cocoa Collagen.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How often do you change your password?

I am sure most of you having Internet access from home or office or even at Internet cafe. Tell me how often do you change your password. I mean for all accounts like hotmail , gmail or even yahoo email accounts.

I know my friend's hotmail account was hacked so long ago and until today she is not able to get back the account. That is why we need to be careful and often change the password for safety purpose. My friend says that she received email from friend saying that she is trouble and need money to come back Malaysia. But she knows that she is in Malaysia, so a few days later her friend email her using another account to say that her account has been hacked.

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