Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I have knee injury

The other day I was in Midvalley for an event and I didn't watch out the ceramic chair. I knocked into and getting my knee injury. Yeah the pain is getting worst, I have put patch for my left knee.

Sometimes I am clumsy and I didn't watch where I am going. One time in One Utama with my son, I have sprained my right ankle because I didn't watch the steps of stairs. Imagine I fell from the stairs and instantly sprained my ankle. It was on Saturday, I know I have to be more careful next time.

My right ankle no more pain but its my left knee that is in pain.

Giveaway on my blogs

It was a fun and tired weekend for us, we have a busy day on Saturday and Sunday.

We enjoy the Guardian Walkathon 2013 in iCity but sad to say the place is not user friendly. We are unable to go the restaurants because their lift spoiled and they don't have other way which we can go. We have baby stroller and it would be impossible for us to carry it up the stairs to go the restaurant for lunch.

Anyway, check out my blog giveaway

It is November soon, my birthday. :D

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