Monday, January 14, 2013

None stop travel to school

Yeah being a mommy is not easy, I have to travel to school for many times. If son's has accidently wet his pants because he was holding them. I don't know where he has got the idea to hold his shit! LOL

Okay it is not funny but he did; he told me that he keeps saying hold it, don't come out but still it comes out. I don't know to scold him or kiss him, he's so funny and growing up fast!

He's not a baby anymore, he can now tell me about his time table things he likes to do first before doing the homework or going in the shower. Yeah let him have a break, I know life today is not the same.

I need to go school early because difficult to find parking. Many mommies are sending food to school, but not for me because I seldom cook.

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