Sunday, September 16, 2012

What to do in Legoland Malaysia?

The beginning would be the an adventure start your journey adventure, my son is big fan of Lego, he loves to build his favourite toys with Lego. Talking of Lego don't forget Legoland Malaysia, you can never miss the big shop for full LEGOLAND merchandise.

Lego Kingoms - conquers The Dragon coaster, romp through The Forestmen's Hideout and ride astride the Royal Joust.

Land of Adventure - get ready to fire laser blasters at targets and brave the anciet Egyptian- themed landscape.

Lego Technic - Brave razor-sharp turns and drops on Project X! Then power-skin on AQUAZONE WAVE Racers while frantically dodging blast after blast of water!

Lego City - Drive your own LEGOLAND cars and get your own driver's license after completing the driving test at Driving School.

Miniland - See the world with models of amazing landmarks of Malaysia, Singapore and Asian countries.

Imagination - A place for true Lego fan, everyone in the family can build an dplay with LEGO bricks and games. There are no limits to your imagination.

Shopping - What's a fun day out without shopping? From the largest collection of LEGO toys you have ever seen to essential everyday items, LEGOLAND Malaysia is well-stocked with goodies for yout to shop till you drop!

Restaurant - There are numberous delicious restaurants located across LEGOLAND Malaysia. Each of them offers an extensive menu selection of fresh, wholesome foods catering to every palate. All the meals are prepared with freshest Halal- certified ingredients.

Wow don't you see it's so many interesthing things you can do there, now do visit my entry on a contest hope I can win passes to visit Legoland Malaysia.

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