Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

This is my blog entry to Maybank for I can win tickets to Legoland bring my family members to go. First I like to say Happy Malaysia Day to everyone in Malaysia.

I am Maybank account user and Maybank can check my account that my saving is not much, being stay at home mom living in the city you know the cost of living. Maybank is our favourite everyone in the family is using their service. My children having their account in Maybank too! Maybank is one stop banking system for my family!

I am happy to say there's Legoland in Malaysia, a theme park in Johor filled with fun activities for the young and old. .

Picture above from Google images

I need a vacation badly, being stay at home so much to do and it's not easy bringing up the children. We have not been to JB before it would be good chance to see JB and bring back souvenior of good memories. There will be many pictures of kids and family member having fun at the theme park. I am going to be speechless just look at what you can do in Legoland.

 Picture says a thousand word!
My baby William is all set, as you can see he's finish applying the lotion. If you have seen Men in Black below is my son's version of Men in Black suit up! Look how cool he's in sun glasses and cap!

My son has a wish that's going to Legoland in JB. He has comes up with creative toy using Lego bricks. He has build the Lego gun. I am sure he will have lots of fun at Imagination, he's truly LEGO fan. I can't wait to see what he can build with the LEGO bricks.

He loves LEGO bricks, he can be so creative in buidling the bricks.

My kids having fun LEGO, I am sure my son will enjoy the fun day at Legoland, he will go on many rides until he's tired. I want the best for him, he's studying hard in Kindergarten and I know he's need relax too.

He likes playing with grandpa using Lego playing shooting and faking death. It's so funny, grandpa would play along and asking him to surrender his hands up and shoot him. No kidding this is fun game for father and son too, boys will be always be boys right? Regardless of age.
How often do we get the opportunity to visit Legoland? This may be a once a lifetime chance to win tickets from Maybank.

The Prizes of Maybank as following
  • Grand Prize - One (pair) of Season Tickets to Legoland Malaysia
  • 10 pairs of Day Passes to Legoland Malaysia

Picture above from Google image.

Above a picture of me and my children, just for fun my imagination run wild! We are going to Legoland haha... I know keep dreaming, who knows my dream may come true thanks to Maybank!

I hope I am one of the lucky winners to bring my loved ones to visit Legoland Malaysia.
Thank you Maybank!


Mr Lonely said...

the legoland seems to be looking nice ya?

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Sherry said...

hi Mr Lonely, thanks for coming by. Yeah not only looking nice but fun for young and old.

Mr Lonely said...

i see.. might go one day~

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