Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pampering my mom!

I love my mom and she loves nail polish but she's on medicine because she has diabetes, her hands shaking frequently it is impossible for her to colour her own nails. I decided to colour mom's nails with the colours that we love, both of us in love with red colour. She tried out the red nail polish Eyeko chili red and plum nail polish colour from F.O.S outlet. I purchased nail polish whenever I found the price reasonable and attractive colours.

I have so many things to tell my mom, but I can't as I don't want her to think and worry so much. She's living in nursing home, she has interest to go home and I am happy that nowadays my dad bring her home for stay a few days. :D

It is a good start, if my mom is good she's able to come home more often. My dad is busy hlep to care twins, I saw them last weekend and one of them can recognize faces and can cry very hard if you carry her.

Above wonderful Ginvera gift for my mom's hair, it's her Birthday this September!

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