Friday, September 21, 2012

Packing and unpacking the luggage

I am sure going for vacation or holiday is fun, that's why you need packing and unpacking the luggage. Do you make a list of what you need to bring along? If I am going back home town at my dear's parents place, I didn't make a list of it.

I think of going for vacation but not at the moment, my baby is young and cranky we have got to wait until he's at least three year old. Furthermore my son going to primary school, I don't know how's the schedule of his school going to be. I am not sure if there's any extra class during school holiday.

Do you like packing or unpacking moment? I find I have more interest in packing than unpacking, well I have no choice for unpacking I need to bring back dirty laundry to wash. That's why my friend prefers to bring panty that she can used than throw. How about you?

This reminds me of confinement time I wore them and throw away as I cannot touch cold water to wash my panty.

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