Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who needs a makeover?

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My son kept telling me he wants to go Legoland, his classmates been to Legoland. He told me where his classmate been to during the school holiday, some of them went Hong Kong.

I would bring him to go holiday or vacation but income is not enough, I cannot do it. I am stay at home mom of two boys. I wanted to get a job but I find that nobody is able to guide my son to do his home work and study and reading. Even though we can hire tuition teacher but it is costly! The income is not enough for us to go further.

Sadly some people thinking that if you are living in a decent city means you are living in wealth! That's crazy, many people living in the city, some rented the room and house to go for work. It is worst when the house got nobody when everyone is out at work and thieves came to rob you!

Anyway I am glad to see friends having good time and great time on vacation/holiday with their loved ones. I am happy too because I get to go movie with my dear.

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