Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lip balm giveaway

I don't know of you but if I am going for travel I would bring lip balm with me. Now there is chance for you to win lip balm check out my other blog NAmesherry.com. By the way if you have kids you may like to check out the toys giveaway at My kid shopping.

Very sad I am not able to get back my hotmail account it has been hacked. I try retrieve but the hacker has change the detail and I cannot get it back. Worst is my Google adsense money all gone because I forgot the password. The password retrieve is the hotmail account that being hacked.

Yesterday while coming back I head to USJ to purchase nasi lemak. I bought three with fried chicken thigh and it cost rm18. Yummy!!

My friend is waiting me to bring her collect the skin care sample. Another friend is waiting me to confirm whether to go the beauty event with her and her friends. Tough decision as the beauty event is in Midvalley, the Garden. It is going to be a long day for me because I need be there early find parking and hang out there three and half hours before the event start and end in evening.

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