Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel with e cigarettes

I know my friends are smokers and they want to know how to cut down on spending. They often travel and I am sure they like to know more about the e cigarettes which are cheaper and does not contain tar. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health, a cigarette contain about 4000 chemicals as for e cigs contain less than 20 chemicals.

I will suggest my friends to take a look at the starter kit bundles, the e cigs do not have ashes and you will not be burn. It functions just like real cigarettes, the smell is not stinky and you will not worry that your friends will run away from you.

Since my friends do travel often they will find this e cigs suitable for them as they can bring it any where. With Internet access today, they can shop online easily. There are e cigarettes batteries available at the site with wide range of e cigs to choose from. Just check out the NJOY Cigarette battery charger it is so stylish.

I am looking at the starter kit bundles, they are so many choices. I think my friends will check this site to discuss which they like to purchase. Christmas is just few weeks away, I think this is a great gift for loved one.

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