Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What you see on the road?

I am sure you have seen this motorist before, perhaps not the same at your neighbourhood. I used to yell them to stop so I can buy bread and snacks from there.

I also seen putumayam is that the spelling? I love to eat that and curry puff too.

When I was a kid we often buy bread from them, there is a time where I pay them the money but the person denied it. My dad was so mad at me and scolded me, I did pay and I am so sure of it. Sad to say that the guy keeps denied and my dad needs to pay again.

They used to have the triple 555 booklet to keep record on what you have purchase then end of the month you just need to pay that amount. I am so sure up to today that I have paid them the money.

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