Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't take advantage of others!

It is not good to take advantage of others, my friend who knows the neighbour is working at a restaurant purposely tease the staff that she wants a free meal. It sounds like a challenge and they agree to give her a meal free then she asking for more than one person.

I don't understand her, she has money she can just order and pay for the food. People are just working there and they are employee, I am sure they tell her it is free but they are the one paying for the meal for her. She told me to go along with her to have the free meal and I reject her immediately! If she is interested she can go ahead to have the free meal.

It is not good to take advantage of others, no matter you know the person or not. I don't know that she is going to do that, no wonder the day she dress up so nice! That day I bring her to the shopping mall and it is because I am going there as well. I never thought that she would go asking people to give her free meal. I was not with her as I am at the end of the mall checking on the magazines.

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