Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bako National Park, Kuching, Sarawak

If you have not been there, you have no idea how much fun I had there. It was more than 10 years ago but I still remembered it clearly. Its like still fresh in my mind, I went with my parents as it was my dad's company trip.

Getting to Bako is not by land but by boat. Get what I mean? Travel by boat and we have wore the life jacket of course. The chalets is really nice and I seen monkeys around and boars too. Not just that but a huge monitor lizard as bigger than a dog. That evening we had a BBQ and the smell just attracted it I guessed.

I was only 12 years old but it was fun. I have been there two times. Second times bring a long my best friend Mei. There are mosquitoes netted covered the windows to prevent the mosquitoes from coming in. I am glad we have that!

I love to go there again someday.

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