Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Didn't go all places

We have missed out going to places like the crocodile farm and butterfly farm. The reason is the place has too many people and they are buses which you can see queue on the roadside. Wow, you can imagine how many people inside there. Not just bus but you can see cars too.

I guessed its a bad idea to go on Sunday. Sunday evening was a busy street with Wesak Day celebration. Many roads in Malacca are blocks and people and cars at the roadside waiting to see the Wesak Festival.

We wanted to eat the famous food in Malacca but its crazy seeing dozens of people queue outside the shops down to the roadside. What the heck, no way we are going there to eat. What's the fun eating with so many people and its surely a heat which you will be facing. I didn't like crowd place as it makes me hard to breath.

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