Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No travel for me

I plan on going for a holiday this December, looks like that is not going to happen. Main reason is I am lack of money that is not enough for me to spend.

There is a wedding dinner on December so I am saving up some money to buy clothes and shoes for the special moment. It is cousin wedding and I do not want to wear the same clothes which I wore for wedding dinner in past event.

I know some people do not mind but I do, I want a new look and everything new for that day! Am I crazy?

Today is 090909 indeed a special moment and at 9pm sure there is wedding dinner some where. I will read the newspaper tomorrow to find out.


kikamz said...

Hello! This date is indeed a very special date. It is also our 11th year Anniversary as a couple. Hehe!

Btw, I am Kikamz and I won 5th prize in Mommy Chris' Mommy Journey 1st Blogversary Contest. She said to contact the contest sponsors directly... so here I am! I also made a post about my winning here. Thanks!

Mia Blog4me said...

congrats :)

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