Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Wing One Utama Shopping Mall

This is info for myself because I am still checking where I parked my car. Yesterday I attended the Guardian Makeover. I parked the car at basement 1, I found this basement parking from the road I drive in after the traffic light. I mean to say after the traffic light I turn left to One Utama Shopping Mall. I saw signs parking below, I went and ended up on New Wing instead of Old Wing of One Utama.

The beauty event is located at Old Wing, you know I walked so long to reach New Wing. Good exercise in the morning though. I was early I reached 10am and I parked entrance of Caring One Utama not far away.

I went out 9.30 am and federal high way traffic jam due to heavy rain. I reached One Utama still raining. 


Kylie wenn said...

1U nice shopping

Sherry said...

yes and get lost in parking in night if after movie. I mean they closed shutter shops there.. :(

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