Monday, June 22, 2015

Travel with family to Genting Highlands

We are excited yes, we are because we are invited for Hotel room review First World Hotel, Genting Highland. It's going to be fun event with family and friends. My son is also a kid blogger, he's got interest in writing blog like me. I am glad he has show interest in blogging this would increase his confidence and sharing his thoughts with his readers and blog visitors.

As you know I have many blogs so I have given up a blog for him so that my son can continue using my blog to share his interest from where I have stopped. Being mommy of two boys, it's time consuming to chase and do what I love but I never give up.

It's sad to find out a friend's friend just pass away in his sleep. Life is short, so enjoy it the fullest! Why be sad, when you can be happy. Life has up and down.

I have friends with interest in shopping, shopping is a nice shopping therapy. Who doesn't like shopping? I have interest too if I have the money to shop for things I love. I have some collection of bags.

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