Thursday, April 13, 2017

Visit Cemetary at Seremban

Last Friday night we went back to Port Dickson in a car. So everyone got into the car, including sis and 2 nephew and 1 niece.

The night we reached around 11pm, next day I follow hub and bro in law and his wife and father in law to Seremban's cemetary.

8 April is a special day, it is 100th day passed of Sean's great grandmother. On the same day we also visit his aunt's cemetary which is not far away but need to go by car to reach. Over there I saw a young Chinese couple in their 30s praying for their daughter. Their little girl is 2008-2011 year passed. It's still Cheng Meng so we still see many people visiting their loved ones.

We had red bean ice cream potong in the morning. My boys didn't follow us to go as mom in law said its too early for them to wake up.

Then we headed to Puchong, over there to perform some ritual. Then we back to Port Dickson again. Mom in law is happy as able to invite great grandmother back for prayer. At home have bought a cupboad stand which is for prayer.

9 April Sunday supposed that Sean has sports day at school but not able to attend as we are back Port Dickson and I can see that hub is way too tired to drive back too. Sean has earlier inform the teacher that he's not able to participate in scout and also pull rope competition. The evening we are glad to see the whatapp that their yellow team won 1st Prize though he is not there to participate. Sean was worry if he will be blame if they loss as he is not able to take part with his team.

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