Thursday, June 29, 2017

Riding Pink ladies driver in Malaysia

Happy to tell you that I am feature on the banner above, can you spot me? Yeah I am one of the mom, motherhood is never easy but glad to have Ridning Pink by my side and Annum too. I blogged about this in May if you have not read it can click on the link to read.

Because I am a mom of two boys I got to work for my family too though I am stay at home mom. I have freelance job to do and sometimes I need to go work so I need to count on someone to help me out. I cannot be there to fetch both my kids. I have plan for July and needed one of my kids to be pick up. So I have to ask Riding Pink for assistant and the fee is RM15 as I told them that I would like the driver to first fetch my sil then my son and then send both back. It's a round trip for this, though less than 5km away.

Happy to tell you that if you are looking for lady driver for maternity checkup or groceries you can look up for them. They only pickup female rider.

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