Friday, June 20, 2008

Beware of ants that you blind you

I have never seen such small ants with these type of colours. I know some ant is very small and the bite is very painful too.

Check you this ants you seen which smaller than a pin!

You don't want to be bitten by these ants are you can see the mark on the hand of the photo.

Imagine the pain that you will get.

Once bitten must immdiately see a doctor!

Here's an article that my friend share with me. I didn't believe it I just see the photos on the web and I didn't seen such ants before. I have seen red ants but not ants that have mix colour like these.
Photos are from Guang Ming Daily . You can also read about this if you can read mandarin.


Jojo said...

omg !!! tats looks really painful...i can't believe it....such a small ants .....


Mia Blog4me said...

it is very painful.. by seing the pic. I don't want to get near those ants. I hope it don't come into Malaysia.

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