Sunday, June 15, 2008

South East Asia's Fruits

Talking about travel, I am sure where ever you go for sure you seen some unique fruits. I know there so many type of fruits and I haven't try them all yet. One of my favourite fruit which has the smell that some people find it stinky! Know what fruit is that?

It has a lot of spike on and it's usually banned bringing into hotels, airlines. The answer is the King's of fruits "DURIAN".

There are other South East Asia fruits that you don't know about like Dokong, Cempedak, Langsat, Mangosteen, Jackfruit, and how about Dragon Fruit? I haven't try Dokong before but I have tried the rest of them.

Dragon fruit has been use in many ways now even for cooking and drinking. Someone was telling me that if you have problem going to toilet, try eat dragon fruit. Let me know if it works for you.

If you going for travel be sure to try out some fruits that you haven't had before. Who knows you might love them.

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