Monday, June 11, 2012

Nail polish from Daiso

I love using nail polish and I found this beautiful nail polish from Daiso. It is RM5 shop you can never miss out this shop many things to shop inside. The nail polish looks like here is orange colour inside but when I applied on my nail you can only see its silver in colour.

Now I have got my based and top nail polish from Daiso, I shopping there because it is affordable. I also purchase gloves there before I go ice skating at Sunway Pyramid. I have so many nail polish I need to find a bigger box to keep them. I will try to keep in the boxes that I have.

If I am going to travel for vacation I will keep nail polish in bag to go with me. It is one of the must have items to go with me. Last month I purchased a Revlon nail polish it is blue in colour. :D

Last week I tried the Guerlain Terracotta nail, it is blue color.:D

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