Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nasi lemak ayam goreng@The Warung

I love shopping at Midvalley and sometimes I wonder what to eat, so I decided to go The Warung in Midvalley. you can never miss the stall. It is located at F.O.S outlet there is kids clothing there, I usually shop there for plus size clothing too for myself.

The Warung is my son's favourite spot, it has got his favourite Mee Goreng with fried egg. There is variety of food to choose from, usually I choose the nasi lemak ayam goreng. Ayam goreng is fried chicken, I may try other food if I am there next time.

I know when we travel we often need to think of what to eat, so drop by to The Warung to have a look. I like to drink the bandung drink, so delicious and refreshing for me.

Have you been to Mid Valley, where do you eat?

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