Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fahrenheitt88 Kuala Lumpur

I haven't been to this mall, so I had plan to go yesterday to attend the Kitschen x Hello Kitty. I got stop by family matters, yeah family first of course but I am so in love with Hello Kitty.

I have decided to get my toddler and sis-in-law passport done by yesterday instead of today. Yeah my sis in law is going to Taiwan which is sponsored by her Melaka aunt. As for my toddler, oh he is not going anywhere but I just made for him just in case we need to use passport Malaysia.

Anyway I had plan of parking my car at LRT station if I am going to Fahrenheitt88 by monorail. Yeah need to change from LRT to Monorail.

There's always something up to stop me from going to KL mall. Just like Ultraman in Pavilion KL. I haven't enter this Pavilion KL Mall before, how about you? I attended my toddler Halloween Costume contest instead of going to Ultraman that day it was almost same timing so I can't be in two place at one time.

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